Which team has the biggest gripe?

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  • Kentucky

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  • Louisville

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voice of Reason View Post
    Sticking to the thread, between UK and UL I have to say UK has a bigger gripe. UK is tied for 8th in the RPI with Notre Dame (who UK beat) and UK has the 12th toughest schedule in the country. UL is #17 in the RPI with the 13th rated schedule. UK won their conference tourney.
    According to CBS this morning, UK now has 6th RPI and 8th SOS.

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    UK without question earned a 3 the gators are over seated. Cats get the number 4 4th seed really?

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    Colorado and Virigina Tech. over VCU and UAB getting in. I also don't know what guidelines the committee used I think different ones for different teams. I would think that there argument for putting Fla. at a 2 seed and UK at a 4 seed would be league play. If that were to be true then Ala. would have a valid argument. I don't know. I also wonder if the committee did not load up Ohio States bracket in hopes they would lose because their style of ball is not much for ratings. I think their final with Florida was one of the lowest rated finals in a long time.

    People must realize that the NCAA is no different than any other orgainzation it revolves around two things politics and money and I think it is very easy to see both in this years bracket!