Kentucky 71 West Virginia 63

Page 5 of UK wins another one, that's all that matters. I'll miss Jorts as much as I've missed a lot of other Cats. The guy toughed it out with Billy G and his f... 63 comments | 7634 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    WHO DEY!!!

    2 wins down, 4 more to go.

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    Knight got off and showed the Princeton game was Big Dance jitters.

    Darius played Whodini today. Awful overall production. 3pts, 2 reb in 36 min. Heck Vargas had 2pts, 1 reb in 4 min.

    Excellent 2nd half adjustments by UK.

    Refs were terrible blowing alot killing the flow. WV gets double bonus in first half? Really

    Liggins hsd a couple mental lapses on D but man is he not the best ROLE player in America or what?

    Jon Hood has no business on this team. Transfer to Murray St or something because if you think you had splinters this season, next season rigormortous will set in. Do the right thing, grab Poole and go away.

    Jones gave effort and the rebounds prove it.

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    I like the fact that Darius actually had a bad game but he didn't give up on his shot. That three he hit from the elbow extended was huge and at a clutch point in the game.

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    I thought Mazulla was going to earn the moniker "Cat Killer". I couldn't believe he came out torching UK again. I would have been sick had he continued to play that well and lead WVU to another win over Kentucky.