Kentucky 62 Ohio State 60

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    I don't consider that to be a brave post, just facing the music and being able to admit when I am wrong. I agree with bugatti, the word neutralizing is much better word than dominating or owned. I have to give all the Final Four teams credit even though I would have never picked this final four if you would have given me 100 brackets to fill out. Look at the teams these four teams had to beat, none of them had an easy road to get where they are at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKMustangFan View Post
    Very classy post sir.

    I think the reason many are saying Jorts outplayed Sullinger is because Jared did much of his work during the span that Josh was on the bench and that Jones was guarding him. When Josh was in the game, Sullinger didn't do a whole heck of a lot.
    Agreed. When it was just between Sully and Jorts, I think it was pretty obvious who was winning the battle throughout most of the game. The stat line is deceiving because quite a few of Sully's points and boards came when he was guarded by Jones. Josh Harrellson was a MAN in this game. No denying that.

    But that was a great post royals. Glad to see you can take the loss in stride. I know many fans who can't. I am probably one of them.