College Football vs College Basketball - Which title is tougher to win?

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    How does that make it tougher? I just don't understand that? Maybe if TCU got into a tougher conference or played somebody in the out of conference they could earn a trip to play for the title. But then again if they played in a real conference they probably wouldn't have went undefeated.

    I will say this, it may be tougher to get a shot at the championship in football but it is way tougher to win a championship in basketball.
    It's not like TCU can just say hey Pac-12 or SEC we're joining your conference. And I don't think people are lining up to play TCU OOC.

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    Dola/CCC have made some nice points. The plus 1 would really be a help. TCU and Auburn one more game, would have been fair too.