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    Quote Originally Posted by halfback20
    Jiu Jitsu is very fun!
    I took my first ever Jiu Jitsu class last night and it is one heck of a workout. I was dog tired and its tough. So much to learn too. When I used to watch fights and they went to the ground I used to think o their just getting themselves together an getting a little breather. Ha yeah right its prolly just as tough and tiring then stand up if not more. I have a new found respect for that part of MMA.

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    LEF- I tell you what worked for me. Like you I wanted to tone up and not bulk up. I workout everyday M-F for 30 min. Start with a brisk walk on the treadmill for 5 min followed by situps (3 sets of 10). Then I mix leg press, abdominal crunches, bicep(free weights), tricep, leg curls -- each (3 sets of 10). Typical day for me--breakfast-cereal with fruit - Lunch-sandwich(wheat or multigrain bread), carrots, and yogurt - Dinner-spaghetti, salad, & spumoni ice cream. I like snacking on grapes, cantaloupes, pineapple, get the picture. I drink 1 diet decaf pepsi a day. The rest is decaf coffee, tea, gatorade, lemonade, or water. Every once in a while I'll treat myself -piece of pie, cake, or Ghiradelli chocolate. I've been doing this since Feb 2006...lost 34lbs. I feel great...clothes fit better, more energy, and my golf game has improved as a result.