What Movies Do You Own?

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    I have a bunch.

    My first DVD movie I ever bought and still one of my all-time favs is "What About Bob," starring Bill Murray.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKMustangFan View Post
    I'm also starting to go the TV show route...

    24: All Seasons
    I am a little bit more as well, and those are definitely on my list!

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    I have mostly this:Madea Goes to Jail, Madea's Family Reuion, Why Did I Get Married, Daddy's Little Girls, Plays also by Tyler Perry, Tv DVD Collections of M*A*S*H, Sanford and Son, Dukes of Hazzard, White Chicks, The New Guy, Smokey and th e Bandit 1&2, Comedy routine of Gaberial Igelasis-Im Not Fat I'm Fluffy, Jeff Dunahms: Arguing with Myself and Spark of insanity, Robin Williams:Weapons of Self Destrucrion, Beauty Shop, Hancock, Liar, Liar; Just Like Heaven plus so much more to numerous to mention.