Top 5 greatest rock n' roll songs of all time

Page 2 of What's your top 5 greatest rock n' roll songs of all time (In your opinion that is)?? This is my list. 5. Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin 4. Epic- Fai... 18 comments | 1216 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    5.) Smells Like Teen Spirit--Nirvana--This song changed a whole generation
    4.) Stairway to Heaven--Zeppelin--There is no explanation needed for this one
    3.) Crossroads--Cream--The greatest super group ever and undeniable hook
    2.) Supersition--Stevie Wonder--The beat to this song is unreal. You can help but dance and sing-a-long. The guy is a genius
    1.) Satisfication--Rolling Stones--Quite possibly the most recognizable guitar riff in rock history.

    Now, of course, I could give you a Top 100 rock songs. It is so hard to narrow down, because you leave stuff off like "Hey Jude", "All Along the Watchtower", and "Layla" just for example.

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    1 - Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas)
    2 - Layla (Derick and the Dominoes)
    3 - Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
    4 - All Along the Watch Tower (Jimmy Hendrix)
    5 - Master of Puppets (Metallica)

    Ask me tomorrow and 2 thru 5 will change.

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    Tough one. My top five are.

    1. Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
    2. You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
    3. Dream On (Aerosmith)
    4. Bad Company
    5. All Right Now (Free)
    5a. Roll Me Away (Bob Seger)

    Seger is my favorite, had to add my favorite.

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    This is a good topic. I would have to go with these:

    5. Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd
    4. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
    3. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
    2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    1. Turn the Page - Bob Segar