The Great Soccer Debate

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    My 4 yr old just had his first game on Saturday, he loves it and thats what's important. That makes me love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benihanas
    Give me Futbol or give me death.
    OK, if you insist:fire: .

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    I like to crack on soccer; but in all truthfulness that is a hard core sport. Only pads is on your shins. There is some hard colisions. I will stick to american football we have pads lol.

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    Let me tell you something about hard times, brother!!!!

    My take:

    The main reason for soccer's popularity is it is a cheap sport to play. You can go to tribal villages in Africa or slums in London or Paris and find kids kicking around a ball, or in some cases, a makeshift ball made of rolled-up towels or some other such creation.

    I think basketball has enjoyed increases in popularity in third-world areas for many of the same reasons — it's relatively cheap to make a backboard and goal.

    Baseball and football require a great deal of resources for equipment, on the other hand.

    With soccer in most of the rest of the world, the cat's out of the bag. You can't quash something that is already so popular; the fans are already too invested emotionally and otherwise. But I'm of the opinion that if all things were equal from socio-economic and time standpoint, if you introduced football and baseball and soccer to third-world kids, they would not choose soccer for many of the same reasons (boring) that folks in the US eschew it.

    Personally, I don't much enjoy it. And it's not because I don't understand it, like many soccer advocates like to throw out there when someone says they don't like it. I've probably watched well more than 200 games/matches (what do you call them, anyway???) over the years, and have picked up on the logistics, rhythm and even some of the strategy involved.

    I have a great appreciation for the athleticism of the players, and find soccer to be a wonderful subject for photography. Would I attend a game if it wasn't part of my job? No way. That may change later when I have children, but I don't, so I can't really speak from that point of view.