I'm planning a trip (Philly, Boston, and Pittsburgh)

Page 2 of I have decided that I am going to just get in my car and drive. I have quite a few vacation hours to burn that I am probably going to lose come July 1s... 17 comments | 648 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I would hit up every stadium I could. I love Pirmatii Brothers and thier "PITTS-BURGHER CHEESE STEAK" is one of the best sandwiches I ever had!

    Good luck on an awesome trip!

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    I took my son on this trip 5 yrs ago and loved it. We flew into Beantown, took the train to our hotel and caught a day game vs the Royals. Awesome experience at Fenway. Then we visited Quincy Market at night before retiring to bed. Woke up, rented a car and drove to Springfield to visit the Basketball HOF. Another unbelievable experience as we spent 4 hours there. Then we started our trek home only to stop in Cooperstown later that afternoon. We were limited on time getting there around 4:30pm and staying till closing which I think is 7. Great little town tucked in the rolling hills of NY state. So we drove toward Philly and stopped at a cheap hotel in Reading, PA for the night. We got up on that Saturday mornibg and drove into Philly. Stayed at a nice hotel downtown and toured the city. We visited Betsy Ross house the maker of the American Flag, did the doublestack bus city tour, ate Philly Cheese Steaks at the big market. We even walked through an old Prison where Al Capone was jailed. That was awesome, you wore headphones and Steven Buscemi was the voiceover giving you the tour. The stone walls were 80 feet high. I highly recommend that but I can't think of the name. Google it and you can check it out.

    We then caught a Phillies/Brewers game that night and Citizens Ballpark is very fan friendly. We got up on Sunday morning and continued our drive home only to stop off at PNC Park in Pittsburgh for a day game between the Pirates and Cardinals. After eating a bunch of good ballpark food and a long but fun weekend we hopped in the car and drove home. We were exhausted but saw alot in just 3 full days.

    Have fun !

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    I left Thursday night after work and I have been hanging out with good friends in Towson, Maryland (just outside of Baltimore) since. The true adventure of being on my own and hitting up these cities looks like it is going to start today.

    The randomness of this trip has already been great. Yesterday we went to the NCAA Lacrosse National Semi-Finals, which was very awesome. They played in downtown Baltimore. The game between Maryland and Duke was incredible. Definitely a fun experience.