Failing to Recognize Context Clues

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    Failing to Recognize Context Clues

    So I take my son to the local hospital to get an x-ray. Nothing serious.

    We go into the registration area and sit down to give out our info. Lady asks if my son has ever been to the hospital before and I reply "well, he was born here." She enters his first and last name and 2 possibilities pop up.

    Let me remind you before I post her posed question that, again, I took MY SON to the hospital and he's ON MY PLAN. (Context clues. In addition, said offspring is sitting right next to make in plain view.

    So, back to her posed question.

    She says "Is your birthday June 22, 1973?"

    I was so stunned by that question that I said "What did you just say again?" It never phased her. She then went to option 2 which was a birthday that was in the 90s.

    My son looked at me with the look that essentially said "is she stoned?"

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year

    That's a "Here's your sign" moment.

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