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Kentucky High School Basketball Best: Part 3 - The 1940s

By gchs_uk9 - Perhaps no decade in American history was a fundamental to the future of the nation as was the 1940s. The decade began with the country mired in a depression and an inevitable world war brewing in Europe and Asia. December of 1941 saw the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the almost immediate mobilization of American soldiers and wartime industry. By war's end, over 400,000 Americans were dead. Nearly 75 million people died across the globe. The United States and its allies would emerge victorious, with the Marshall Plan helping stimulate economies across Europe that led to unprecedented... Read More →

Kentucky High School Basketball Best: Part 2 - The 30s

By gchs_uk9 - The second full decade of Kentucky high school basketball saw increasing numbers of participants and teams. 410 teams entered the postseason in 1930; by the end of the decade that number would increase to 550. Nine different schools would win the state championship, with Ashland's back-to-back titles in 1933 and 1934 marking the only team with two trophies. Classed basketball continued for the first two years of the decade with both A and B champions from each district advancing to the region tournament, A and B champions from the region advancing to the state tournament, and A and B... Read More →

Kentucky High School Basketball Best - Part 1 (The '20s)

By gchs_uk9 - Basketball was born at the Springfield YMCA in 1891 under the auspices of Dr. James Naismith. Designed as a game to provide exercise for young males during the cold winter months when outside play was almost impossible, a game whose object was to place a leather ball in a suspended basket soon spread across the country. Few places saw it take hold as strongly as the commonwealth of Kentucky. Records exist of school teams in Kentucky playing basketball as far back as 1902 and in all likelihood they were even playing before then. No governing body administered any control over... Read More →

Ten Best Programs Without a Championship

By gchs_uk9 - I've posted a few articles over the years about best programs in the state, best to never win a championship, etc. With it looking more and more like basketball won't crown a champion in 2020 it seemed like a good time to look at the best programs in our state's illustrious basketball history to never take home a Sweet 16 trophy. Note 1: I did use a formula to rank the top teams and to develop this list. I'll give my opinions along with it. You're welcome to disagree and/or add thoughts of your own. Note 2: Prior to 1927, region tournaments were called district tournaments and the... Read More →

State Tournament Preview - Martin County (15th Region Champions)

By 15th Region - 2020 15th Region Champions – Martin County Cardinals – State Tournament Preview Season Overview: Martin County opened the season against a tough schedule, going 5-8 coming out of December. The team was still trying to figure its identity and players were still discovering their ultimate roles. Expectations had been high going into the season and tempers were flaring in the stands and on the bench. The Cardinals were able to weather the storm, right the ship, and ended up being better for it. It’s also important to note that early on the competition level was extremely high as Martin... Read More →

Snow, Palm Trees & the Triple Screen

By ChiefSmoke - In December of 2007, several of us were standing in the hallways between classes at Mason County HS. It was finals week, just a few days before Christmas break was suppose to start. The weather was miserable, cold & windy. While standing out there, I get a phone call from my good friend, Chuck Smith, who at that time was coaching linebackers at the University of Kentucky. We are freezing, but Chuck is in Florida, enjoying GREAT weather on recruiting. 69985 One of the guys I am standing with in the hallways is our head basketball coach, Chris O'Hearn. He is pretty excited. Our basketball... Read More →

9th Region: 2020's Final Article

By PP1 - Well friends, the original plan was to provide one more piece of amazing literature prior to Cov Cath's trek through the State Capital (yes, I know). Due to some unfathomable circumstances, our sports lives have come to a screeching and painful halt. I am sure we are all praying and hoping that this, what I consider to be, historic event will pass as soon as it possibly can. We all, even the students, want to return to our normal lives. These are just some random thoughts on the 19-20 basketball season. There are no rankings or a list of the best players or teams. I just wanted to give you... Read More →

Hazard Bulldogs State Tournament Preview

By All State Baseball - Record: 29-5 School: Hazard Nickname: Bulldogs District: 54th Region: 14th Head Coach: Al Holland State Tournament Appearances: 30 (To my Knowledge). State Tournament Wins: 1 (KHSAA) (2008 They defeated South Laurel in the first round before falling to Shelby County in the second round) Hazard Bulldogs once again start to region supreme on the 14th region. This is the first region tournament win since 2008/9 season. Hazard didn't have an easy way to go as they started out with a 59-47 win over Breathitt County to begin the tournament then rolling past Letcher County Central 65-38... Read More →

10th Region Tournament Review

By teeroy - I reviewed the quarterfinals in previous article. Bishop Brossart 58 Robertson County 54 George Rogers Clark 81 Augusta 41 Montgomery County 52 Mason County 51 Campbell County 48 Pendleton County 38 Semifinals George Rogers Clark 58 Bishop Brossart 45 Clark County got big games from each of their big 4. Lincoln Bush had 10 points and 16 rebounds. KJ Rucker had 14 points on 4 of 5 shooting from deep. Jared Wellman had 18 points and 7 boards and Jerone Morton had 10 points and 12 assists. Bishop Brossart couldn't get much going on offense. They missed several 3-pointers and... Read More →

9th Region Championship Preview

By PP1 - Well here we are, another basketball season is about to pass. It seems like just a week or so ago when I published my first 2019-2020 article. I wish all the seniors the best as they move on to post-secondary life. I hope that all of you use your gifts and talents to help your fellow man and make the world a better place. I anticipate a crowded gym and parking lot this evening at NKU, you may want to arrive a wee bit earlier than usual. I will probably try to be on campus by 6:30. I recall in 2015, I tried to make it to the championship game and five minutes after tipoff I was still... Read More →

16th Region Tournament Semi-Finals Preview

By zebraman - The Boys of the 16th region, after having 3 days off will pick back up at Ellis Johnson arena. The action tips off at 6:30 this evening. For those unable to attend, there is a web broadcast of both games at Boyd County vs Lewis County The Regional semi-finals kicks off this evening at 6:30. The first game of the night features Boyd County and Lewis County. Boyd County is 19-14 overall and 15-4 against 16th region teams. Lewis County is 17-15 overall and 12-9 against 16th region teams. These teams have played one time this year, on Jan 21 at Lewis... Read More →

12th Region First Round Review and Weekly Preview

By se7ens - Regional Tournament First Round Review Pulaksi County vs. Lincoln County – The Maroons came into the regional ready to make a powerful statement and they did just that by knocking off the reigning champions 62 to 49. The Pulaski defense smothered the Patriots, limiting Jaxon Smith to only 7. Colton Fraley has proven himself to be one of the region’s best on both sides of the ball. West Jessamine vs. Southwestern – The Colts were firing on all cylinders as they put up 84 points to the Warriors’ 56. DeAjuan Stepp led the way with 30 points and 11 rebounds. Daniel Waters continues to... Read More →

10th Region Quarterfinal Recap and Semifinal Preview

By teeroy - Quarterfinals: #6 Bishop Brossart 58 #3 Robertson County 54 (OT) The Black Devils led almost the entire game, but they faltered down the stretch. Ethan Eilerman hit a 3-pointer with 2 seconds remaining to force overtime, despite the Black Devils still having a foul to give. The Mustangs consistently went to Eilerman in the 4th quarter and he delivered. He finished with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Carson Schirmer hit 4 key free throws late in overtime, including a pair to ice the game. Brandon Dice had a great game for Robertson County. He was able to get to the rim with ease and... Read More →

8th Region Tournament Preview - Final Four

By ColonelMike - The Boys 8th Region tournament is down to four nobody's surprise, the three-top-ranked teams in the 8th Region - Oldham County, Collins, and South Oldham - are still alive and kicking. Right in there with them in the semi-finals are the Grant County Braves, who finished the year ranked number 7 in the region and who, like the other three, arrives at this point on a terrific run. South Oldham (23-9), 29th District runner-ups vs Collins (25-7), 30th district champs - These two teams finished the year tied in the region rankings as 2A and 2B, and if their regular season... Read More →

Seventh Region Final Preview

By Smallhoops - As expected, the Male Bulldogs (30-4) and the Ballard Bruins (28-6) will play each other in the Seventh Region final on Tuesday night at Valley High School. Male and Ballard have been at the top of the Region's rankings all season and are among the very best teams in the state. These teams split their two regular season contests. On January 17 in the LIT, Ballard prevailed 71-58 while the Bulldogs won 76-67 two weeks later on January 31. The rosters of both teams are loaded with talent. For example, Male has a double figure scorer who is hitting 46.4% from 3-point range - and he is... Read More →