What is the most beautiful view in Kentucky?

Page 3 of I have been all over the state some of the best views I have had are the breaks park Near Elkhorn City Pine Mountain Pineville The Cumberland Gap Tater... 31 comments | 1309 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Originally posted by bargedawg
    Yeah, I took that pic along with others, me and my family went there. My kids thought that was so cool to see a big rock with a chain on it.
    Cool i am glade they enjoyed it

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    Originally posted by CheerNbHappy
    THAT'S IT!!!!! I was at that chain rock place. that's kinda hick goofy, but kinda neat at the same time
    Yea Cheer
    Thats the way I like to live
    Kinda Hick Goofy Kinda neet it leads me to lots of interesting place's