Possible Changes to 2018 Deer Season

Page 2 of A buddy I hunt with talked to the Fish and Wildlife Commissioner for our region yesterday. Said the state is looking at a few possible changes for the ... 16 comments | 4299 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    It's not where I live, It's what I live for

    Heard the bag limit may increase to 4 deer (one antlered).

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodsrider View Post
    I mean I get your concern but again, 2 days of a few extra hunters in the woods during Sept will have little to no affect on your hunting for the season. Unless your talking about a really high ratio of hunters to acreage or if they are doing deer drives it's just not enough time in the woods to have much of an effect.
    Probably true. Selfishly, I liked being the only one on the property until November.