Finally got a hummer

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    Finally got a hummer

    No, not like LeBron drives,

    A .17 HMR.

    I decided to get an inexpesive one to try out a bit before sinking a big chunk of money in a CZ or Ruger or something.

    I picked up a New England Sportster Wednesday and put about 70 rounds through it that afternoon.

    Pretty amazing stuff. With a little 22" barrell, this thing cuts holes at 20 yards and again at 120. I still need some time out of the rain a fog to really get it up to speed, but seems pretty cool right now.

    The biggest drawback is that the shells are pretty hard to find and that has made the one's I can find pretty pricy. A box of CCI TNTs was about 11.99 and a box of the Hornadys was 12.99

    One guy said he had sold them as cheap as $8 a box, so hopefull when supply catches up with demand the price will go down.

    I'll let youall know when I get to take something down with it.

    I might go crow hunting if it clears up a bit this weekend. They're considered a nusance in Tn and there's no limit and no season.

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