Bald Eagle Sighting - Downtown Alexandria, KY

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    Bald Eagle Sighting - Downtown Alexandria, KY

    So there I am sitting in the drive-thru lane at Burger King, when this bird flying on the other side of US 27 catches my eye. He has all of the mannerisms of an eagle, and I thought I caught a glimpse of the white head/tail markings, but he was too far away to be sure..

    He then heads north to what I would guess about Hillcrest,and then returns in the same pattern and continues across US 27 broadside to me heading toward the AA Highway, and sure enough it is a bald eagle. White head and tail, etc..

    Where do you think he came from and where was he going? I'm guessing the Ohio River..
    What was he doing over top of a bustling city in the middle of the afternoon???