Any RV pros here?

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    Any RV pros here?

    Or semi-pros anyway? Basically just looking for info on what I need to know before any money exchanges hands.

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    We have a travel trailer but a lot of it will be the same (except for the truck part)

    1. Seal inspection. Trust me, you do not want a leak. Look for ceiling stains or soft spots in floor.
    2. Floor Plan - make sure you are comfortable with it.
    3. Features - Know what you need and what is nice to have. Outside kitchens are great but increase the price a lot.
    4. Mechanical - inspect frame underneath. Beware of significant rust. Look for any cracks or broken welds. Inspect tires and brake system.
    5. Structural - inspect side walls (expensive to replace) and windows (do they all open)
    6. Interior - make sure Fridge is functional and temp regulates (you don't want frozen beer). Plumbing - make sure all sinks, bath and toilet can get water.

    Good luck. PM me if you have any specific questions.

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year

    Brakes and spare tires. Make sure both are in perfect working order. Other than that, be sure to have plenty of money for gas.

    afiguy has lined out the bullet points very well