Trophy (netflix)

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    Trophy (netflix)

    Watched a very good documentary on Netflix last night titled "Trophy", from 2017. It covers hunting and poaching in South Africa of big game mainly Lions, Elephants and Rhinos. It had me emotionally going from ticked off at the poachers, to ticked off at the hunters to ticked off at the guys who run the hunting trips.

    I for one am for hunting and fishing as long as the animal isn't endangered. I'm very much against poaching but I understand why poaching goes on, big money for very poor Black Africans. Covers the fact that Humans are encroaching on what was wild land, with farm land. Obviously decreasing the buffer between human and animals, which leads to either human or animal death.

    It is very complex and I think anyone who hunts and/or respects the concept of extinction would love this film.