The Kingsman 2

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    The Kingsman 2

    Saw the Kingsman 2 in Richmond tonight and enjoyed it as much as the first one. These movies are action packed nonsense but still manage to entertain regardless how outlandish some of the scenes and plots are.

    This time some of the scenes are set in “Kentucky, USA”, Where the Kingsman team up with their America counterparts The Statesmen to defeat a world conspiracy and threat from a bad psychopathic woman.

    However, someone in the film department needed a geography lesson because most of the scenes in Kentucky resemble somewhere in the western US, more like Texas. And a fight scene was in a “Saloon”, not a bar. Also, all the Kentucky fellows that ended up getting their butts kicked in the bar by the Kingsman and Statesmen had cowboy hats instead of caps that would more than likely be the normal headwear in a Kentucky bar. Not that something like that was a big deal or mattered, but being a Kentuckian I notice things like that. Most movies I’ve seen portraying Kentucky and it’s people usually do a terrible job with scenes and accents.

    Anyway, this was a good movie that I would recommend if you like action packed comic book type movies.