Luke Perry has died

Page 2 of According to TMZ. Suffered a massive stroke just a few days ago & never recovered. The former Beverly Hills 90210 actor was 52. That's awful. Adver... 16 comments | 477 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Parker View Post
    Agree on all points. I liked the first season, but it has deteriorated since.

    I wonder if they will try to replace him? You don't see that very much, but his character is one of the only redeemable ones on the show.
    Maybe bring Archie's mom in as a more directly involved character? Not to the extent that Perry was involved, but they've made the Archie character so phenomenally boneheaded that the kid NEEDS some parental guidance. Honestly, have you ever come across someone that was supposed to be a sympathetic main character make every... conceivable... bad... decision... over... and... over again?

    Perry turned out to make a pretty solid TV dad. I think he'd have eventually gotten Archie to do the right thing... at least once.

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