Disney airs first ever gay kiss/scene in cartoon

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    Might want to get out more.

    Or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Ball-fan View Post
    I can see the logic in the assessment that since heterosexual activity leads to procreation, and is likely the most basic reason for sexual activity to begin with, that it's only natural that all humans would be heterosexual.

    In a scientific sense I have a hunch that the pleasure factor is nature's way of enticing intercourse to further and strengthen the species for survival.

    If it weren't pleasurable folks might not do it.

    If it weren't pleasurable, but only lead to procreation, then you can be certain that most people wouldn't do it unless their main aim was indeed to procreate.

    As you well know lots of straight folks engage in sexual activity with no intent whatsoever to procreate.

    Pleasure and/or affection often motivate it, and even for some a way for monetary gain, be it the male or female hustlers on the street to perhaps the woman who marries a rich man for her security and encourages the relationship with sexual pleasures.

    I'm not weighing in on the morality of that, but simply drawing attention to the various reasons people engage in sexual activity all because it is pleasurable.

    There's no doubt that some gay and straight people have sex for no other reason than pleasure.

    Now the sticky part of the theory that nature intended for all people to be straight is that throughout history, by no choice of their own, a significant percentage of humans are only attracted to the same sex.

    Excluding other adventurous folks who might "decide" to get their freak on and experiment sexually by "choice", there are multitudes of humans who without doubt by no choice whatsoever have no sexual attraction to the opposite sex, while they have a seriously strong attraction to the same sex in the very same way heterosexuals are sexually attracted to the opposite sex.

    Natural heterosexuals didn't choose to be attracted to the opposite sex.

    Natural homosexuals didn't choose to be attracted to the same sex.

    Some Asexual humans have no sexual drive whatsoever for either sex.

    The world doesn't talk much about them, and while it's a small percentage, and they'd rather not draw attention to themselves for similar reasons of social ridicule, they do indeed exist.

    Some asexual woman will marry and have children to live "regular" lives, but ultimately once they've had children, they'll discourage sexual activity because they really don't want to partake anyhow.

    For some it's just easier to marry and blend in than to spend their lives answering to everyone else if they're ever going to marry.

    In the past too, asexual women took chances with their financial security in life by remaining single in a male dominated world, so get married, be secure, have a couple of kids, and be done with it.

    I'm sure that many of the heterosexuals here can remember when they were first experiencing their adolescent attractions to the opposite sex, and the tingling feelings they experienced that seemed to make your genitals have a mind all their own.

    You didn't choose that. You were genuinely reacting to your true nature. All of the sudden your childhood games changed, and your new obsession became girls girls girls.

    This reminds me of the song "I'm a Girl Watcher" when the singer says "I was just of boy when I threw away my toys, I found another game to dwell on".

    Anyhow, whether or not you really understood what was happening to you, you indeed knew that it was happening to you, and you'd be praised by your friends if you managed to get a date, and maybe get a bit of silly razzing because "wink wink" you might've been getting some. The species encourages and celebrates it to further the species.

    On the flipside of this a significant number of humans feel the exact same sexual attractions that you felt, but only for the same sex.

    In this case though most of those people understand early on that they'd be better off keeping this quiet because while heterosexuality is celebrated, homosexuality is ridiculed and discouraged because it doesn't further the species.

    Because most children keep this quiet they subject themselves to various levels of depression, (which I can relate to), to sometimes heightened levels of self-awareness and deeper analytical observance of society (which I can also relate to).

    Heterosexual kids are accepted status quo so they might not often be challenged to dissect the ways of human behavior as does someone who knows down deep that they don't fall into the category of the accepted norm.

    Not only gay kids often have this deeper sense, but just about anyone who feels like an outcast for whatever reason that may be.

    I've no idea why some humans are naturally gay, but regardless of my understanding of why, or lack there of, the fact remains that whether or not it logically seems to follow nature, it still is very much a true reality of the human condition making it a true facet of nature, and no one really has been able to answer why.

    Perhaps it's nature's way to control the population. I think that we're now up to 7 billion worldwide, just imagine what the number might be if there were no homosexuals. (Your welcome, I'm doing my part to control the population).

    Even if you went as far a categorizing it as an abnormality there's really no conclusive evidence that any amount of psychological treatment has ever truly been effective.

    And why would someone have to change anyhow?

    Science years ago went as far as castration and shock treatment, and I'm assuming that most by now would agree that that was abusive. Even some more civilized approaches today still prove to just be counterproductive leading to deeper depression.

    They're trying to shove a square into a circle.

    If someone were to try to be changed, are they changing for society because they have a hard time understanding it, or are they trying to change for themselves?

    It might just be my opinion, but it seems rather ridiculous that people who otherwise could just be happy and content being themselves, and who are not hurting anyone else, and who otherwise are perfectly capable intellectually or physically of contributing to society that they should feel the need to expire so much of their emotional energies on changing all because society has a hard time understanding them, and in the end have next to no chance of changing anyhow.

    If society could be more understanding and acceptant, and acknowledge that it's not a choice, or something that a person deserves ridicule for then they'd be contributing to helping create a social atmosphere where homosexuals can live balanced happy lives free from negative social ostracism.

    But at the end of the day, while it may seem illogical by nature, it is very much a real natural facet for some of humanity.

    If you believe that it is abnormal, what might you suggest to ensure that no humans throughout the entire world are ever naturally gay again?

    I'll wait...

    I'm assuming that you don't have an answer for that.

    I have one...

    Understand it to be a reality that was, is, and always will be, and help contribute to an acceptant society that recognizes that there's no reason to ridicule someone for something that they didn't choose, nor is it hurting anyone, and consider that while it seems illogical by nature that there might be things about nature that we've yet to understand.
    Have you ever had sex with a woman?

    Do you think a bad sexual experience can make someone gay, especially women?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountain ref View Post
    Have you ever had sex with a woman?

    Do you think a bad sexual experience can make someone gay, especially women?

    Though I have never been sexually attracted to women, there were a few times during my teens that I put myself in the position to play kissy face with girls to see if by chance I would become aroused. I did not. With no drive, and out of the embarrassment for knowing that I wouldn't be able to perform, nothing ever progressed much past 2nd or 3rd base.

    I also partook in those insignificant experiences so that I would at least have something to tell my friends so that they would think that I was straight because then I was still too paranoid that someone would figure me out if I didn't chase a girl once in a while.

    Whereas most guys my age would've went bonkers about things like breasts and maybe wanting to touch them, I had no desire to, and they didn't peak my interest in the least.

    Seeing a woman naked stirred nothing in me. Whereas most teen guys would probably be going out of their minds knowing a girl was about to disrobe, I felt nothing and had no magnetic feelings that made me want to get closer and explore further. I have never in my entire life had fantasies about women.

    At a very young age I knew without doubt that I was curious about men, and when adolescence hit me the desires in me were off the charts. It didn't take getting close to them to stir me up, just the very sight would make my heart race.

    I'm a bit unusual even among gay guys in that I've never in my life ever had any interest in guys my own age, so my interest in young guys or gals was completely equal in that it was of zero interest.

    None of my friends my age ever had to worry about me being attracted to them because I just wasn't. To me they were boys, and my interest were in men. My attraction has always been for those with a presence of maturity.

    There were definitely teachers or coaches along the way that had me daydreaming, but considering my closetness and age there was nothing that I could do about it.

    Whereas some of my teen friends were having their first experiences with girls, I wasn't able to follow my desires until I found the nerve and became of legal age, so it wasn't until I was 20 with a full time job that I ventured into a relationship with a man. My teens were often fun with friends, but deep down I was sad, confused, depressed, frightened, and lonely.

    After becoming infatuated with him and tired of hiding my real self from family and friends, I came out to them and figured that if my parents kicked me out of the house, with a job I could support myself.

    Thankfully they did not and I moved out a couple of years later.at age 22 when I was ready to. I wanted to tell my parents that I was in love just like any of my siblings had when they went ga-ga over someone.

    Of course it took all the nerve I could muster, but at 20 it was far time for I had bottled this up long enough as it was. Age 5 to 20 is a long time in a kid's life. I couldn't play this fake game anymore, and I just wanted to get on with my life finally being who I really was.

    After living as my real self for about 10 years, at age 30 I had a very close straight female friend who I shared every secret of my life with, and who I felt comfortable enough to hang out with, and even do silly things like have tickle fights and cuddle with her.

    We on numerous occasions would just lay around together talking, watching movies, listening to music, and felt free to rub on each other as if we were each others pets.

    She was very much a vivacious sexually charged girl who just for kicks one time we entertained the idea of seeing if even with being super comfortable with her I could perform, and it really just turned out to be a silly experiment where the results were just what I had figured they'd be that I felt nothing.

    I actually hoped that I would, but I just didn't. We just simply resumed the fun friendship that we originally had had and laughed it off and rarely ever mentioned it again.

    I feel lucky that I've always known and I think that a lot of others do to from early on. There's no doubt in my mind what I'm attracted to. I don't know why I am, but I felt this way even before trying to date girls. For me it certainly wasn't a bad experience with girls because I already knew in grade school when most of the boys were starting to chase the girls around.

    I can't speak for everyone, but different people come to understand themselves at different points in their lives for various reasons. Some are aware early, while some have repressed feelings because of society, religion, fear, that confuse people from understanding their true feelings. Even with religion et al I just somehow knew early.

    Even early on, because what kid truly understands what life was all about, I thought that certainly my interest in girls would just automatically kick in one day just like they did for my friends. I'm still waiting.

    I suppose that certain bad life experiences could alter some people's psychology and make them neurotic from being straight, or to try to switch teams. I can't say that I personally know anyone who claims this to be their "why" but I have known many who were closeted when they married out of social pressures, and eventually had to quit living a lie.

    Sexuality sometimes can be tremendously complex, and like I had mentioned in another post I've known some men who were certain they were straight their whole lives only to do a big 180 later in life. For one man I know he was 67 when it happened after going most of his life having a wife and 5 girlfriends on the side at any given moment. He recalls of being hit on by a guy when he was younger and tossed him out of the bar he was in and into the gutter. When asked if he thought that it was repressed feelings, he said absolutely not.

    Even they perplex me because I would've assumed that my personal experience is pretty much the norm in realizing that oneself is gay early, but my partner of 20 years until he passed, dated only girls growing up, got two of them pregnant, thought that men with men was strange, learned court reporting in the service and dictated court marshals of gay officers being released from the service while shaking his head wondering what the hell was wrong with them, and then in his late 20's had an experience with a man, and though he was basically bi-sexual, he pretty much lead his life as a 95% gay man all the way to his obsessive love of Broadway musicals.

    I have often wondered if some people are born gay, while certain life experiences can lead other people there later on and that it's not just one thing for certain. I can't even say for sure if I was born gay, but I can tell you that I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't. I do believe in behavioral conditioning and that it has a huge impact in the shaping of someone, and have often wondered if for me it was a combination of both although I was raised under that most straight circumstances as you'd expect with a ton of religion to boot.

    I have a friend who's also the youngest in a very similarly structured family and he is as straight as can be. Sure, every bit of stimulus that he and I have been exposed to in our lives have not been 100% exactly the same, but then again with living a block from each other in a large Catholic family, much was very similar.

    For me and many many like me it's not just as easy to say that life experiences made us choose this, when just like straight people who've no doubt in their minds that they're straight, there's no doubt in ours that we're gay, and so much that because of the fear of growing up in a world that has trouble understanding it, I prayed and I prayed and I prayed some more that I wasn't.

    It's not like I wanted to be, and often times in my younger days I asked "Why Me?

    I'm fine with being gay because I've adjusted to the fact that I am, but honestly who wants to grow up knowing that what they are would make others treat them as some kind of outcast if they knew, so I had to keep it buried for fear of anyone giving me trouble if they knew, and in the tough neighborhood that I grew up in, my fears were a very real concern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bballfamily View Post
    Lifetime of education on the farm.
    Me, too! That's why I became a science teacher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bballfamily View Post
    Lifetime of education on the farm.

    Gotcha. Need to get off that farm from time to time.