2018 Grammy Awards Show

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    If that's how you see it, that's cool. I simply don't really care about the lives of famous people. I watch a movie to be entertained. I listen to music to be entertained. I watch sports to be entertained. I don't care about the individuals in those fields, unless I personally know them, and I don't personally know any of them.

    Ditto...and I really don't care who they are wearing, what they are wearing, and how much jewelry and $$$ it's worth. Why is that so important to people?

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    So if I've learned anything here, artists' and athletes' are incapable of and should avoid promoting a worthy "cause" because they are merely here for our entertainment? That pretty much get it?

    Is it because they're famous? rich? open to the possibility of a reality outside of that in which they live? Help me understand.
    Artist and athletes are selling a product. The sports, music, movie fans are their customer. I don't want them preaching to me anymore than I want the salesman at Lowes doing the same.