Android or IPhone?

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    I switched to Android (Samsung) years ago for two reasons:

    1 - I despised Itunes. Don't know why but I really hated that program.

    2 - I felt that I couldn't keep up with Apple any longer. Everytime I got close to pulling the trigger on a new IPhone I was hesitant because apple's next release would have such drastic changes. Basically I was tired of feeling like I needed a new phone every year.

    My wife's IPhone is newer than mine. It basically looks like a brick compared to the newer models and it really isn't that old...

    I currently own a galaxy note 3 and at 5 years old, you can't tell much of a difference between mine and the newer models.

    Also, my phone has a battery that can be replaced without an engineering degree so that's nice.
    Its a great marketing campaign isn't it? lol