Do Other Religions Have Miracles?

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    Do Other Religions Have Miracles?

    I thought about this and there's so many instances of Jesus performing miracles that it got me to wondering if any other religions outside of the tree of Christianity have examples of miracles?

    I know that Judaism has Moses parting the Red Sea and things like that, but those are also, IMCO, just part of the religions of Christianity.

    Jesus was born to a virgin, made a blind man see, walked on water, water into wine, etc.

    What are some miracles that other religions have claimed to have happened, if there are any?

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    Yes-a couple of religions come to mind.
    * The life of Buddha is full of miracles. Eight events isolated from his life are called “great” miracles. They are his birth, enlightenment, first sermon, passing away or nirvana, as well as four other events at which he showed his supernatural powers to demonstrate the truth of his teaching. The places where the eight events took place came to be celebrated as the eight pilgrimage sites. For in stance, in Lumbini, it is said that he emerged from under his mother’s right side instead of the normal birth channel. The infant immediately took seven steps and declared, “I am born for enlightenment for the benefit of the world; this is my last birth in the world.” Two streams of water–one hot and one cold–poured forth from the sky and fell on his head. The earth trembled and from the cloudless sky a shower perfumed with sandalwood, along with blue and red lotuses, fell.
    * A man in New Delhi, India dreamed that Lord Ganesha (the Hindu god of success) craved milk, and after he woke up from his dream before dawn on September 21, 1995, he offered a spoonful of milk to a statue of Lord Ganesha at his local temple in southern New Delhi. Both the man and the Hindu priest who watched reported that the milk disappeared from the spoon.
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