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1A Notebook 9-23-15 - Losses but No Gains

By Voice of Reason - Last week there were some big games in 1A. Three of the top 5 in the rankings took it on the chin. Those losses gave us more insight into how 1A might shake out as the year goes on. Despite the losses to some top teams, none of the teams ranked lower were able to make any gains in the rankings. Some of that was due to the losses being to high quality opponents. Some of that was due to the teams wanting to move up did not make a strong enough impression in their games to move up. Our top ranked Beechwood Tigers lost in rather clearcut fashion to their neighborhood rival 5A Covington... Read More →

Best In The Bluegrass: Week 5 (Thanks for the help, guys)!

By Nathaniel Bryan - Thanks (SERIOUSLY) for your additions. NB Anyhoo ... PASSING - Boyle County's Josiah Robbins was 13-of-15 passing for 268 yards and six touchdowns -- in just the first half -- in a 48-14 win against Collins. - Bryan Station senior quarterback Andre Davis was 17-of-25 passing for 298 yards and four touchdowns in a 54-14 win at Meade County. Davis also ran for two touchdowns. - Bullitt Central quartervack Cameron Dukes passed for 445 yards and two touchdowns (but also ran for 115 yards and a touchdown) in the loss to Spencer County. - Butler County's Rex Henderson was 13-of-17 passing... Read More →

6A Notebook Week 5 - Statistically Speaking who can compete?

By CoachBuckett - As we approach district play portion of the season have we reached two horse race with in Class 6A? Do we not have anyone that wants to upset the establishment? So this week I have decided to place a Classified Ad to find a team that will take out the mighty duo in Jefferson County. Is there anyone that can knock off Male and Trinity besides themselves? Here is a look at the Top 2 teams in 6A. Male Has already proven they can beat Trinity. They defeated the Rocks two weeks ago. They remain undefeated on the year and have done it with both offense and defense. Offensively they are... Read More →

NKY Power Rankings 09-21-15 Sponsored by Orange Leaf Crescent Springs

By Colonels_Wear_Blue - Thanks to Orange Leaf Crescent Springs for sponsoring the Northern Kentucky Power Rankings. We encourage everyone to patronize our sponsors, and you can visit them at 2311 Buttermilk Crossing in Crescent Springs. Feel free to bring along this premium coupon when you visit! 52403 THE RANKINGS: 10) Lloyd Memorial (2A / 3-1) – The Juggernauts had this past week off but are currently still holding on to the #10 spot in NKY. Lloyd will host 3A Garrard County this week in Erlanger. The Golden Lions have a 4-1 record coming into the game on Friday. 9) Scott (4A / 4-1) – Scott beat 2A... Read More →

Bluegrasspreps' Football Rankings (9/21)

By Ram - Class 1A remains the same 1-9 this week despite a great argument for Beechwood to lose their number one spot after losing to Covington Catholic. Likewise, there was a good argument for Russellville to move up. In the end, the three teams in the top five lost to quality oppents and kept their position. Your top 3 are #1 Beechwood, #2 Paintsville and #3 Pikeville. Bethlehem, though, drops out of the top 10 after the loss last week to Kentucky Country Day, replaced by Bishop Brossart. In Class 2A, the rankings 1-7 remain the same, even with strong consideration given to moving Mayfield... Read More →

Class 2A Notebook (9-21-15): The Triage Of Mid-Season

By ATLCat - I honestly think my wife is the only person I know who still watches ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Just yesterday she reminded me to be sure to set the DVR to ensure it records the season premier this week. In honor of my wife, and the compelling storylines of this past Friday's action I find it fitting to highlight all the McSteamy action we witnessed. Colts Pull Up Lame DeSales enjoyed the cat bird seat in 2A all by their lonesome for one week. Following the Mayfield loss to McCracken County last week the Colts were the unanimous choice in the 2A Rankings. Between a very... Read More →

Class 4A Football Notebook (9/20): Moving Week

By DragonFire - No, not last week, though there was some movement, but this week will be moving week. After weeks of playing other classes, we finally get to see almost every team mix it up with someone else in Class 4A, , and that includes a pair of top 10 matchups from District 4. The marquee game will be #6 Shelby County at #4 Franklin County. Franklin County was more or less expected to do well, starting the year at #6 and moving up slowly behind their 5-0 record and 43 points per game offensive scoring output. They come in off a strong victory over 5A #8 Anderson County, 33-30. Shelby... Read More →

Class 5A Notebook (9-20): Sometimes Stability is Difficult to find

By Ram - Sta-bi-lize verb verb: stabilize; 3rd person present: Stabilizes; past tense: stabilized; past participle: stabilized; gerund or present participle: stabilizing; verb: stabilize; 3rd person present: stabilizes; past tense: stabilized; past participle: stabilized; gerund or present participle: stabilizing Make or become unlikely to give way or overturn. “the craft was stabilized by throwing out the raining ballast” Make or become unlikely to change, fail or decline. “an emergency program designed to stabilize the economy” Read More →

3A Notebook - Holding Serve

By gchs_uk9 - Seven of Top Eight Win, Other is Idle It probably would have been a surprise to see one of the top eight in last week's Class 3A BGP rankings fall, but with an interesting schedule filled with some potential landmines it was at least worth monitoring to see the outcome of each game. There would be little suspense as the seven victorious teams won by an average of almost five touchdowns (Central did not play). Boyle County and Belfry, rated numbers one and two, respectively, had the most impressive wins. Boyle County (5-0) took down Class 4A #9 Collins 48-14, marking their fourth... Read More →

Eastern Kentucky Power Rankings 9-20-15

By ATLCat - 10. Pikeville (1A, 3-2)- Panthers welcome a step down in competition after taking it on the chin at Belfry. South Floyd will act as tribute. 9. Bell County (3A, 4-1)- Bobcats continue to roll along after obliterating Whitley County. Humfleet is putting up huge numbers and will use the BYE to get an oil change after going over 3000 miles. 8. Corbin (3A, 3-2)- Hounds fault valiantly but came up short against Southwestern. The final test of their 3 game gauntlet may be the toughest as they must challenge 2A powerhouse Mayfield. 7. North Laurel (5A, 5-0)- Jags remain undefeated with... Read More →

Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 09/20/15

By Purple88 - BluegrassPreps 2015 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 4 Edition Concerning the top story line for this week, we are at the point of the season where the grind of the season has set in on most teams (especially teams that have played a decent schedule). Injuries are a part of the game. The teams that deal with them or minimize them the best are clearly ahead of the competition. And we are either at District games or 1 Week from District games. So let’s get on it! Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 4: 1. South Warren 4A (5-0): Win 21-0 vs 6A North Hardin 2. Bowling Green 5A... Read More →

The Lexington/Central Kentucky Power Rankings – Sept. 20 Sponsored by Jess-105.9

By Bluegrasscard - The Lexington/Central Kentucky Power Rankings – Sept. 20 Sponsored by Jess-105.9 The Rankings 10) Henry Clay (6A / 3 – 1) Since losing to St. X in the Bluegrass Bowl the Blue Devils are on a three game winning streak that includes a 50 to 26 win over 4A Knox Central at Knox Central Friday night. Senior Joquise Buford returned to the line-up against Tates Creek and had 321on 34 carries. Along with senior RB Austin Bledsoe the Blue Devils seem to have a very potent backfield. Next up is Lafayette in a game will add some clarity to the 6A situation in Central Kentucky. 9)... Read More →

Bluegrasspreps Louisville Area Power Rankings 9-19-15

By Bert - 1) Male High School (5-0, defeated Seneca 63-0) – No real surprise on this victory. Next week versus Butler should be a similar story. 2) Trinity High School (4-1, defeated by PRP 44-0) – The victory is not a surprise but the margin of victory is. PRP was playing well enough that many thought they should have been able to score on Trinity and prevent a few TD’s by Trinity. Next week versus Jeffersontown should be a pretty boring game. 3) St. Xavier High School (3-1, defeated by Highlands 37-6) – X gets back to winning by soundly beating Highlands. Next week is PRP which X should... Read More →

1A Noteboook 9-14-15 - Shake it up Week?

By Voice of Reason - The top 1A schools like to schedule up in their pre-district games. This week shows that with some of our top ranked teams facing very stiff challengers this week. Is this the week that shakes up the 1A rankings? At the head of the list of tough games is top ranked Beechwood facing neighborhood rival 5A Covington Catholic. Despite the tough start for Covington Catholic, this will certainly be Beechwood's biggest challenge of the season to date. Covington Catholic took 3A #4 Lexington Catholic down to the wire, losing by one point when the Colonels were not able to convert on a two point... Read More →

Class 4A Football Notebook (9/14): The Great Debate

By DragonFire - The great debate, of course, is who should be at the top – Johnson Central or South Warren? Johnson Central was the preseason #1 , and even in other rankings was elevated above the Spartans to begin the year. The Golden Eagles have opened up 2-0, including a more dominating than the final 42-28 win over Lexington Catholic, currently the #4 team in 3A. That game saw Johnson Central rack up 441 yards on the ground without gaining a single one through the air. But they’ve been hampered in their defense of the top spot by a bye week out of the gate and a second bye week due to their opponent... Read More →