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Happy 4th of July- Highlighting former Marine. NFL Great DC- Bill Arnsparger

By ChiefSmoke - Happy 4th of July to everyone, but especially to the veterans, including many of those old coaches that served our nation in WW II. Coach Bill Arnsparger, a Paris, Ky native was a Marine during WW II. His HS football coach was Blanton Collier. Coach Arnsparger coached the greatest defense in the history of the NFL, the No-Name Dolphins of the only undefeated Super Bowl Champions from Miami in 1972. Besides being a great coach, Bill Arnsparger is a great man who serves others and puts the well-being of others ahead of himself. In 1992 when I became the head coach at Paris HS, he always... Read More →

The All 2000's Team

By ATLCat - OFFENSE QB Brian Brohm- Trinity QB Jeff Duggins- Boyle County RB Michael Bush- Male RB Damien Harris- Madison Southern RB Deuce Finch- St. Xavier TE Jacob Tamme- Boyle County Read More →

Ranking The Top 25 Since 2000

By ATLCat - Now that we have individually ranked the publics and the privates, let's now put it together to formulate our comprehensive list of the State's Top 15 Programs since 2000. Here are the links to the respective threads and the stats for comparison sake: 1. Trinity- 13 Regional Titles, 13 Finals, 11 Titles, and 2nd in wins make a pretty clear case for the Rocks. 2. Highlands- 12 Regional Titles, 11 Finals, 9 Titles, and the most wins. It is very clear there are two programs in a different hemisphere. Read More →

Ranking The Top 10 Private and Military Schools Since 2000

By ATLCat - The Criteria: - Hardware rules. Heavy emphasis on post season success, specifically Titles and Finals. - I am doing this on a "Pound for Pound" basis. It's not about whether a 6A should always be better than a 2A, but about how strong each program is relative to it's competition. - In order to be considered the program has had to play 11 Man Football for the Duration of the Period The Field: Bethlehem Christian Acad. of Louisville Covington Catholic Covington Holy Cross Read More →

Ranking The Top 10 Public Schools Since 2000

By ATLCat - The Criteria: - Hardware rules. Heavy emphasis on post season success, specifically Titles and Finals. - I am doing this on a "Pound for Pound" basis. It's not about whether a 6A should always be better than a 2A, but about how strong each program is relative to it's competition. - In order to be considered the program has had to at least play in a State Finals, as well as show sustained success. The Field: Beechwood Belfry Bell Co Boyle County Read More →

The Ten Best Quarterbacks of Kentucky History

By ATLCat - The Criteria: - Validation beyond high school does matter, but so to does High School domination. - Championships matter more than stats. - The "awe" factor comes in play. Though Recruiting Services and D-1 College Offers do not paint the whole picture, they are a pretty good indicator of talent/skill level. #10 Michael Bush, Male 51140 I already hear what you are saying, "Michael Bush was a Runningback!". At the collegiate and pro level that is correct, but his HS career will be defined from his spot behind Center for Male. If this were a list of "Pure Passers" Bush would be... Read More →

The 5 Best Programs to Never Win a Title and The 5 Most Likely To Do It First

By ATLCat - Since we are in the heart of wedding season, today we examine the Bridesmaids of Kentucky Football. The programs who have yet to hoist the trophy. We will start with the 5 Programs which have historically been the strongest. The criteria: - I am looking at the teams who have sustained their success for the longest periods of time first and foremost. A team like Johnson Central has been really good in the past decade, but historically were pretty mediocre. - Near misses matter. Winning a lot of games against inferior local competition does not make a great team, but teams who have made... Read More →

Can you see it? Hear it? Smell it? Touch it? Can you taste it?

By Purple Nation - Can you see it? 10 more weekends from now, you grab the family (or your old high school buddy) and pull into your Alma mater campus, find the perfect parking spot talking about how the squad looked last year and how they WILL BE this year; I mean, this is the year for them to take it all the way and sock it to the team you despise. Yes, that team - The team whose fans are even ugly, whose colors never you would be caught wearing. Can you hear it? You exit the car from your perfect spot, hearing the sounds of the bands as you enter the mecca of High school football (insert your stadium,... Read More →

The Five Most Iconic Programs Of Kentucky

By ATLCat - For Today's installment we will define the Top 5 Football Programs that personify Kentucky to the rest of the HS Football world. The Criteria I Used: - Trophies Matter... self explanatory... cannot take a program serious who doesn't have a trophy case that is stocked up - Recent relevance matters. General Steel may have shaped our nation, but corporations like Google and GE are more iconic in today's culture because of their relevance in the short term. - With that said, a great tradition reigns supreme. Flashes in the pan come and go, but programs who have been elite for decades... Read More →

The Top Five Gameday Stadiums In Kentucky

By ATLCat - Piggy Backing off the "Top Uniform" thread... shall we continue to hand out some superlatives? The Criteria: - A Great Stadium has character. Anyone can put a set of aluminum bleachers and throw a field logo down... but the Best of the Best offer a specific ambiance and environment that makes every trip a memorable one. - A Great Stadium has a winning tradition. Any time someone waxes nostalgic about "their" homefield a bit of bias is involved, but let's face it... the elite stadiums have an air of invincibility. - A Great Stadium has traditions. When you think of the great college... Read More →

The Ten Best Uniforms In Kentucky High School Football

By ATLCat - Let me begin by prefacing my comments. When it comes to "Ranking Uniforms" it simply becomes a matter of taste. What some may like, others see differently. Whereas one person may prefer the chrome and neon of Oregon's uniforms, another may prefer the traditional steadfast Alabama jersey. I understand that. As such, it is only fair that I share what MY criteria is: - It begins with the Helmet. To me the helmet is the key. I look for a helmet that either is timeless and easily identifiable, or a helmet that is unique and stands out among it's peers. - Speaking of "unique" it is all... Read More →

South Warren Spartans vs 4A in 2015

By Doubletake1906 - Similar to PurplePride, I would like to stir the pot a little. The Spartans (now in 4A) will have the most challenging schedule they have had in their past 4 years of existence. The past 2 seasons have been their most successful since the program began posting a combined record of 24-3... With Coach Smith returning for his 2nd year as head coach, and the team returning virtually every starter from both sides of the ball, I believe this team is primed and ready to make a run at a 4A State Championship. Some areas of improvement for them to make that run will have to be filling the void at... Read More →

Make Big Decisions Now, Coach When It is Time to Coach

By ChiefSmoke - In my book, Black Shoes & White Shoestrings, I talk about Bill Walsh’s impact on how we run our program and the level of organization we try to incorporate. We use play scripts, job descriptions, and any necessary planning documentation we can to make great decisions BEFORE the season begins. Once the season begins, we coach our team the best we can. A couple weeks ago, I received a favorable response when talking about setting the priorities of what a head coach does. As head coaches prepare for the season, one suggestion I would make would be to prepare the following: 1- job... Read More →

Adjusting Priorities - Head Football Coach

By ChiefSmoke - Over 20 years ago at a clinic, Sam Harp, former Danvlle HS coach with seven state titles, shared a master list of what a coach needs to do, broken down by the months of the year. That list has been a big help, but when I took the job at Mercer County in April, I became overwhelmed with everything I was NOT getting done. This past Thursday, I woke up at 4 am and just started working to try to get a handle on what needs to get done. The four hour round trip, teaching school in Maysville, and doing spring practice in Harrodsburg, is making it tough to complete every task. It is very important... Read More →

Mother Teresa To Be Elevated To Catholic Saint In September 2016

By Colonels_Wear_Blue - Archbishop Fisichella, who is the head of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Promotion of New Evangelization (a relatively new office of the Roman Curia established to renew the effort of spreading the message of the Roman Catholic Church), spoke about the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta this past Tuesday in an interview with Catholic News Agency. Initial plans point for Mother Teresa to be canonized on September 4, 2016, although a Vatican spokesperson clarified today that all plans at this point are hypothetical. Mother Teresa was born Agnes Bojaxhiu in 1910 in the... Read More →