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    To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible

    At least 6 months out, I'd be shocked to see him back by next Masters.

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    Up Elkhorn Creek, sometimes without a paddle.

    I'm pulling for him. However, if he has physical limitations, especially flexibility, he may never be able to regain his form. He had quite a hard swing, and if he can't find a swing which requires less torque on his back and play completely pain free, then he may have to accept being a good but not great golfer in his twilight.

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    He's done. I've held on to him winning more majors but I'd be surprised if he ever plays regularly on the tour again.

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    Go home and be a family man.

    I gave up on him returning to win majors in 2015, so this just continues that. It has just progressed to believing he'll never win another tournament again in addition to that.

    It's getting hard to remember at this point, but while he hadn't won a major since 2008, he was still highly competitive in almost every one he played until everything fell off in 2014. He finished in the top six of the Masters 7 of 8 years following his last title there in 2005. In his only Masters since start of 2014, he still finished in the top 20. He finished in the top six of The Open two years in a row in 2012 and 2013. In all, he finished in the top six 9 times out 17 majors he competed in from 2008-2013 after his last win at the '08 US Open. A lot of people went after his mental game after everything that happened, but he was still very much a top flight player. But his body has betrayed him at this point.