Louisville City 2 Tampa Bay Rowdies 1 (USL)

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    Louisville City 2 Tampa Bay Rowdies 1 (USL)

    Listened to Stuart Campbell (Head Coach) and Martin Vingaard (Midfielder) interviews on the Rowdies' Facebook page.

    Lot of fouls, by both squads.

    Campbell mentioned that the pitch in Slugger Stadium was smaller than normal. I did not know that. He wasn't complaining, but felt it may have been why there were so many fouls. It affected both teams. His team did not adjust to it so it's on them.

    21st minute LOU George Davis IV (Luke Spencer)
    87th minute LOU Cameron Lancaster (Paolo DelPiccolo)
    89th minute TBR Martin Paterson (Deshorn Brown)

    @Getslow, did you get to this game? If so, your thoughts?

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    It's definitely a small field. Squeezing a soccer field onto the baseball diamond isn't easy since Slugger was designed to be pretty small and there's almost no room along the baselines. I hadn't heard the fouls angle before but it's not surprising. Usually what it does is clog up offense since it takes away some amount of space to spread out.

    Still I thought it was a decent game. Lots of shots but too few made it on target for both teams. I think both teams only had two shots on goal each.

    That lack of space usually causes trouble in passing since lanes just aren't open. It uglies up the game a little. That's what happened here. Good possession by both teams through the midfield that tended to be broken up quickly in the final third. That's what leads to those quick shots that don't get on target.

    Tampa was probably a bit unlucky not to get out of there with a 1-1 draw because the long ball that led to Lou City's second goal wasn't a very high-percentage pass. Lancaster made it count though by bringing it down and chipping it over the keeper.

    Tampa Bay is a good squad. These two play again down one Florida in just a few weeks.