FC Cincinnati 2018 Kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post

    I hadn't heard of the term before I'd started (casually) following soccer maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I looked it up at the time because I was pretty unfamiliar with it as well. If memory serves, the basic gist of what I got was that "kit" is a British word that goes back multiple centuries, and has a meaning more along the line of "equipment". The word "uniform" is based in Latin, meaning "all appearing the same", literally translating to 'one form'.

    By and large, countries using the romantic languages (French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian and Portuguese) generally use translations of the word "uniform", and the majority of the other countries in the world use translations equating more closely to the word "kit". ...and then the Americans us whatever they decide to use.
    Next thing you know hockey players will start calling their jersey a sweater!
    Interesting that we (Americans) think that our terms are the ones that are the correct ones. Several sports around the world have been around long before introduced to the states. We just try to Americanize them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bench View Post
    If you don't call soccer, football, then you shouldn't say kit. It's a uniform.
    Or you can call it whatever you want because who cares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getslow View Post
    Or you can call it whatever you want because who cares?
    you absolutely have every right to call it whatever you want. The same as we have a right to continue to mock you for doing so.