(BB) Louisville Sweeps Wake Forest

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    (BB) Louisville Sweeps Wake Forest

    Funkhouser was not his usual self on FRI, but Cards won in a walkoff.

    McKay was strong as usual and Cards cruised SAT 10-1 in Game 2.

    Game 3 was moved up from SUN to DH on SAT due to predicted weather. Josh Rogers was cruising through 7+ and was low on pitch count. However, in the 7th the outs he got were very hard hit. Bullpen did not show well in the 8th. Sparger got 2 outs, but allowed 2 more baserunners. Strader allowed a 2 run bases loaded single to cut the deficit in half at 4-2. LF made bad decision to throw home when there was no play which allowed runners to move up to 2B & 3B. Burdi got out #3 with 1 pitch.

    In the 9th, a misplayed chopper to 1B (McKay and Burdi did not communicate) allowed 1 runner. With 2 outs, an easy bouncer to Whiting at SS was booted and the game extended. (Commentators said Whiting has 17 errors this season. That's a lot, particularly on a home field that is turf w/ true hops.) WF PH Kevin Jordan turned around a 99 MPH fastball from Burdi for a 3R HR to put WF up 5-4. (If you saw the E:60 story about Jordan getting a kidney transplant from the WF baseball coach, you'd feel happy for him.)

    Obviously stunned, the Cards went to the bottom of the 9th trying to figure out what happened. Whiting could not atone for the E and bounced out the 2B. Taylor laid down a perfect bunt single and then stole 2B to put the tying run in scoring position. (WF was playing their 3rd string C due to maybe injury and an earlier pinch hit or run, but the pitch was wild, so there was no play.) WF intentionally walked Ray. McKay got an IF hit to 2B to load the bases. (Agree with the commentators that 2B had a play on McKay at 1B, but he chose to throw across the diamond to see if he could catch Taylor rounding 3B too aggressively.)

    With 1 out, Lucas hit a SCREAMER right at the SS. Baserunners did well to avoid getting doubled off.

    Taylor scores the tying run on a WP / PB (scored a WP, but could easily have gone the other way.) WF walks Tiberi to reload the bases and set up force plays at all bases.

    Ray scores the winning run by stealing home on a called steal. Smith squares to bunt and then gets out of the way. WF P in the full windup and speeds up his delivery when he realizes Ray is stealing. It would have been a crazy close play if the C had caught the ball. He didn't. Game winner!!!

    If you didn't see the steal opening SportsCenter OR at #8 on the SCTop10, you can find it right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEVbf0jv04o.

    30 wins for UofL and a 5 game lead on Florida State. Keep it rolling toward a home Regional!!!