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    Re: Believe me folks

    Originally posted by Les
    nljags fan is one of the best guys you can meet. And, of course, he will say in return, that I am one of the best sports editors he has met.
    Right? I will say this, his son is a heckuva a quarterback, but if he's famous, then he might want to show a different hair style or the lead singer of The Flock of seagulls" or something of that nature will be suing.
    Hey nljags fan, sorry about yesterday, cell phone couldn't pck up because of where my daughter's gymnastics class is loaceted, but come the end of the regional tourney, there will be more lowdown on the NL basketball situation.
    Les, you are too kind. I appreciate the nice words (the check's in the mail). Les does an excellent job in covering the kids in Laurel County and we appreciate him.

    And by the way, if you haven't seen him in a while, the hairstyle has changed dramatically!


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    No prob