Your favorite team and why?

Page 3 of I have never been one to jump a bandwagon. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. In 1976 when Dallas was playing the Steelers my mom said she thought... 33 comments | 951 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    You got BBQ back there and didn't invite me? HURT. MY. FEELINGS!

    When my dad graduated college one of the first major investments he made was Bengals season tickets. He made it 30 years without missing a home game. I've probably missed less than 5 homes games since PBS opened. Except for one season when I missed them all because my AAU basketball team played on Sunday's. My mom had this little portable tv with probably a 3x3 inch screen with probably a 3 foot antenna on it and watched the games while I played.

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    Giants. Grew up liking them because my uncle was a fan.

    I hate every other team. Wish they could all lose.

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    Seahawks. I've taken a lot of crap for it over the years. In the early 2000s, people laughed and wondered why I cheered for such a garbage team. Now people make fun of me for being on a bandwagon. So at least I've been consistently ridiculed over the years ..

    The reason they're my favorite team? I really don't know. I adopted them in the mid-90s when they had guys like Cortez Kennedy, Brian Blades, Chris Warren, and Joey Galloway. I was cheering for Ricky Watters and Warren Moon when they were NEVER on TV, catching any spare highlight I could of my team.

    I was young, and didn't understand how Cincinnati and Pittsburgh were the teams I should be cheering for based on my market. At the age of 10, Cincinnati may as well have been Seattle as far as I was concerned. The geography just didn't enter the equation.

    I wish I could pinpoint one moment and say "This! This is why I am a Seahawks fan"... But I really can't. It's just all I remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spindoc View Post
    Grew up in Pittsburgh in the 70's. Pretty simple.
    Same here - North Hills - Went to St. Als and Richland (89).