Will Pittsburgh Fire Mike Tomlin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voice of Reason View Post
    Tomlin had a press conference at noon today. What all did he cover in that press conference?
    What I posted....

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    Ben spoke out and said he regretted staying in the tunnel, the locker room was divided. Out of all of the clown act issues that we've seen from that team over the last few years, Tomlin chose this issue to take a hard stance. I don't see Tomlin as being a players' coach, I see an HC that waffles on discipline and his team plays as such (paraphrasing James Harrison). I think AB's live feed of Tomlin's post game pep talk showed his true form. I do not believe that his own players respect him, hence the circus. Unfortunately, they have continued to be very successful in spite of Tomlin; although they consistently underperform.

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    I am sure the Steelers would like to get rid of Brown now but I don't know how they can with the cap hit they would take. This is the definition of a mess. I hope they find a way to cut/trade him and the Patriots get him...I wonder if Belichick and Brady could make it work with him.

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    Let me tell you something, brother!!!!

    That locker room misses Harrison. There’s been nobody to fill the void.