Why does Robert Kraft get a free pass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellbird View Post
    You do realize he is going to make money off this don't you? He was fined $1 mill but because of the 4 game suspension he won't be paying Brady, he actually is making $800 Grand, plus the money he saves in not having to pay a 1st round draft pick next year and the 4th rounder the year after. Just the money Kraft is making off of his fine is enough to set me up for life, and my kids.
    To be fair I think teams would sacrifice the money every time for a 1st round draft pick.

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    Because he's a trillionaire and a member of the Cabal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjs4470 View Post
    Kraft is supporting his guys, which if I was a player, I'd be thrilled with. He can only go by what his guys tell him, as there is no smoking gun in this case.

    Let's be real here though. He's not getting off easy. The fine is large....forget that he's "saving money" by not paying Brady for 4 games. This hurts his brand, and losing draft picks, especially a high one hurts. You can't tell me he and the Pat's are better off saving a few bucks because they are not paying a draft pick....draft picks, especially high ones, are very important.
    In his recent recantation - if that's a word - Kraft did a 180, took his lumps, and didn't mention his QB.

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    Because he measures nine times to cut once.