The Bills in the playoffs...

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    WHO DEY!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by UKMustangFan View Post
    As of last night, the Bills Mafia has made over 2,500 donations totaling more than $57K to the Dalton Foundation since Sunday. This is why sports are awesome.

    Andy Dalton
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    12h12 hours ago

    In the 24 hours since the 1st donation came in, over 2500 donors and just over $57,000 and counting! Last update for the night! I will update tomorrow. We can’t thank y’all enough!
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    That is awesome!

    Also sounds like the perfect off season to trade Dalton to the Buffalo Bills if they let Taylor walk. Dalton is loved up there now. So it's a perfect match. : D

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    Be the person people are talking about, not the person talking about other people.

    According to SI, the number is over 150k. That’s insane. Bills Mafia is fantastic.

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    You can keep going and your legs might hurt for a week or you can quit and your mind will hurt for a lifetime. - Mark Allen

    That's really cool. Good work, Bills' fans