Ravens 24 Bengals 21

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    Interesting take that the Bengals' woes are due to Eifert's absence? While a big Effect fan from the beginning, if he's the key to victory, then the Who-Deys are in deep do-do. He's just cursed physically, like it or not.

    But seriously, the Bengals problems are far deeper; and if you don't include front office & coaching in those discussions, then you're way off track & seriously need to look at your brand of Kool-Aid. ALL NFL teams deal with injuries and sometimes they can't overcome them; but to blame their lack of success on a consistently injured tight end is somewhat comical??

    Love the playoff scenarios being discussed, but what would make one think IF they make the playoffs it would last longer than one game (see 15 year history of Coach Lewis)? Reason I gave up on this franchise was the inability (or downright stubbornness) of the front office to change by bringing back the hugely underachieving Marvin Lewis again.

    My condolences to all of you fans that continue to give your money & allegiance to Mike Brown & Company; but I'll continue to move forward and enjoy the sheer look of happiness I see on the face of Andrew Whitworth every week when I watch the Rams lay each week. After standing up for Mikey & his minions' antics for years, and being the only real spokesperson for them; he really deserves to go out a winner with his head high!! Hope Mikey buys another thousand trench coats with what he saved by letting him go??
    I’m with you on the coaching and front office being a big problem, as fas as Eifert being the key that elevates this offense to elite status, facts are facts, see post #16 above!!