Marvin Lewis on Adam Jones: Other than his language, what did he do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Science Friction View Post
    I'm glad I quit giving a damn about this franchise.
    I'm with you. They are my team but I no longer lose sleep over anything they do because I know as long as Mike Brown is running the show nothing will ever change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellbird View Post
    I'm not saying he doesn't find trouble and I said years ago he should have been gone. With that said, I'm not talking about what he has done now, I'm talking about your belief that the PAtriots don't put up with troubled law breaking players, they do and have done so during Belichicks tenure. To say they don't is simply not true.
    Fair enough, my whole point is there is no way I believe, if the roles are reversed, Jones would still be a New England Patriot. That is all I meant by bringing the Patriots in to the topic. I honestly do not believe there is another team in the NFL that Jones would still be a part of, other than the Bengals. I get it, teams give second and third chances to players, based on talent. What I don't get is, why give Jones a second/third/fourth/fifth chance, to someone who constantly puts a black eye on the franchise, time after time.