Jarvis Landry signs 5-yr extension worth $75.5 Mil

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    Jarvis Landry signs 5-yr extension worth $75.5 Mil

    Jarvis Landry was brought to the Browns earlier this year to be the slot receiver. He's caught over 400 passes the last 4 seasons and averaged 1,000 yds per season. That's high production. The 25 yr old WR will average $15.1 Mil per year making him the 5th highest paid receiver. He is a 3-time Probowl. His contract includes a $47 Mil guarantee.

    This is what Landry said, and is part of the reason Cleveland wants to keep him around for a while:

    "I have never believed in luck because I have always believed in God,'' Landry said in the release. "What God has for you, no other man can take, stop or have. I've always dreamed of two things: taking care of my family and playing football. I've become a product of hard-work, sacrifice, persistence, and mental toughness. Jerry Rice said the thing that made him so great was the fear of failure.''

    Browns WR Jarvis Landry signs his 5-year extension worth $75.5 million | cleveland.com