Is Colin Kaepernick an upgrade from Andy Dalton?

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  • Colin Kaepernick

    9 21.43%
  • Andy Dalton

    33 78.57%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer.Pride View Post
    I don't have to look at the head lines to know that the league has condoned the player protests (other that Jerry Jones). The league has taken NO ACTION on this issue. That is implicit approval!

    Just like in coaching, you coach it, or you allow it. the NFL is allowing it!
    They are allowing. However no single player is going to get the attention of everyone because more people are doing it. However if Kap was on the team he would still as an individual get the attention. He would still get all the interview request, he would still be the storyline.

    No team wants all the national attention that will come to one single player like it would to Kap. Especially for a backup qb. Has zero to do with them allowing it now. Has all to do with the attention it would still bring to one single player. No team wants that.