I'm done with Vontaze Burfict

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    According to an unnamed source in the Bengals locker room, the officials were cursing towards Burfict during the game. Would definitely lend itself to the idea of the refs targeting him on Sunday. If you look at the play he gets ejected on the official saw Burfict behind him and stuck out one arm and had the other hand on his flag. He tosses the flag before Burfict even gets a step away. He was baiting Burfict.
    That plays with what I saw in the video. Ref with quickest draw I remember.

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    NFL starting to get as rigged as the NBA and WWE.

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    IF he didn't have a history of this type of behavior - it wouldnt have been a issue. But because he does, every little thing is magnified. Got no sympathy for his or any outcome from it. I dont think this will be his last incident this year but his last in a Cincinnati uniform.

    Next stop.............. Raider Nation.