Hue Jackson to Cincinnati?

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  • He remains at Cleveland at least through 2018

    17 68.00%
  • The Bengals hire him as Head Coach

    1 4.00%
  • Cleveland fires him and Hue is looking for a job

    7 28.00%
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    Sitting down in Central KY, still enjoying the run!!

    Better chance Mike Brown becomes GM of Cleveland. I'd be for a straight up trade, Hue for Mikey.

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    Please don't let this happen. We are already one of the laughing stocks of the league.

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    WHO DEY!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 16thBBall Fan View Post
    Hue needs to come back as OC!!
    Part of me thinks Hue may have gotten a little to much credit for the job he did here, and Jay Gruden not enough credit. Jay Gruden was the one who put that offense together. He is the one who talked Brown out of taking Colin Kaeprnick and to get Dalton instead. Obviously Jay had a big say on who they drafted offensively. When Jay was here the Bengals drafted Dalton, Green, Eifert, Sanu, and Marvin Jones. They kept an undrafted free agent in Andrew Hawkins.

    Each year under Gruden the Bengals got better offensively and was in the top 10 in offense his last year here and Dalton threw for over 30 tds that year. I think a lot of people forget that about Gruden. So the offense was progressing up under Gruden, but people seem to give the credit to Hue who basically got to piggy back off an offense on the rise.

    Look at what Gruden did with Washington. He got Snyder who loved RG3. To give up on him and chose to start 5th round qb Cousins over him and look how Cousins turned out. I think most fans in Cincy have gotten it wrong on who the best offensive coach for this team was.

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    To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible

    Brown's announced today that Jackson would return next report on if they have been able to convince Jackson of that or not.