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    If they don't have to be the starter then Bernie Kosar did as well.
    Bernie wasn't even on my radar with this question since the Browns have not been in a Super Bowl but if the criteria is you don't have to start to be included then he is on the list because he was with the Cowboys in 1993.

    He pulled off what has been called one of the most remarkable achievements in sports that season. The Browns cut him on Wednesday of week 9 in the NFL season. On Thursday he was in Dallas where Aikman was hurt and Jimmy Johnson told his offensive guys to have him ready to play on Sunday. Kosar studied the play book for three days (this is what is called cramming). He played on Sunday and won the game. That is a remarkable feat for a QB.

    He played in four games that season and came in the game at the half to replace Aikman in the NFC Championship game, preserving the win. He took a knee on the last play of the Super Bowl... and that is how Kosar got a ring.

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    I had meant for this to be starting QB's, but failed to mention that part as my typing alluded my thoughts. Either way, I didn't realize there were this many people who have both. But as for starters, Namath and Montana would be some good company for Newton to join.

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    I heard this on Mike and Mike yesterday morning, talking about Cam could be the first to do it not named Joe.