Denver 24 Carolina 10 Super Bowl 50 Champions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfback20 View Post
    A close loss doesn't mean much. The Giants almost beat Carolina and New England. Does that mean they're close?
    Quite honestly if the Giants would won a couple of those games I could have very easily seen them make a run if they had just made the playoffs. Winning those close games is the difference between a super bowl champion and not even making playoffs. The Broncos were an overtime away in that Bengals game from not even making the playoffs.

    So yes there are teams that are just a few plays here or there from making that title run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAIL BIRD View Post
    Last time I saw "that look" on somebody's face, my baby girl just pooped her pants. Do you think Eli pooped his pants?

    That CJ Anderson 3 yard TD run was very impressive. Got hit in the backfield, went head to head with an LB, then went through a D lineman.
    I agree on that TD run by Anderson. Went through both Kuechly and Davis to get it into the end zone. That was impressive!