Chiefs agree to trade QB Alex Smith to Redskins

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKMustangFan View Post
    No, I'm gonna keep Jax there.
    Which is perfectly fine. All entitled to opinions. The afc South as a whole should be better next year. Watson with Houston being healthy. Tennessee with Vrabel as coach after already being a playoff team. The Colts with Mcdaniels and possibly a healthy luck.

    The Jags defense will be good again obviouslu. However they also benefited from playing mostly bottom half of the nfl offenses all year. When they played good qbs and offenses they weren't as dominant.

    It's one thing to have one year of success. It's another thing to consistently sustain it. The Jags may show to be a top 3 afc team again as you stated. However I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see them like Oakland was this year and take a step back and miss the playoffs.