Carolina 49 Arizona 15

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    I am so happy for Luke Kuechly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spindoc View Post
    I sure do enjoy watching Luke Kuechly play.
    Dude is just so good..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voice of Reason View Post
    I hope all of the fans in Arizona are very nice to Carson and his wife after this pathetic playoff performance. Otherwise he might throw another temper tantrum and sit out until he can join the Rams in LA.
    You do realize that is probably not even close to the real reason why he decided he didn't want to be here anymore right?

    If you look at the whole situation its not hard to figure out his main reason for wanting gone was when Mike Brown decided to keep Marvin Lewis. I think everyone thought Marvin was gone after that season including the players. So when he was surprisingly brought back that was when Carson all of a sudden wanted gone because probably thought the Bengals would never go anywhere with Marvin. Which he was kind of right. With Marvin the Bengals can't get past the first round. While Carson led his team to a 2 seed and then the team he played on was one more win away from the Super Bowl before he sucked it up haha.