Browns' Josh Gordon admits use of drugs or alcohol 'before every game'

Page 2 of BEREA, Ohio -- Josh Gordon used drugs or alcohol before every NFL game he played, Gordon told the magazine GQ in an interview released Monday. The Brow... 16 comments | 280 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Be the person people are talking about, not the person talking about other people.

    Quote Originally Posted by plantmanky View Post
    Another chance for what, another failed pee test. Guy admits hes doped up before games, he wont make it to the first game before failing a test.
    By all accounts the guy has been clean for well over a year.

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    @ Practice We talking about Practice... Not a game we talking about PRACTICE

    I'm glad he's getting another shot, and it's fully up to him to stay clean. The fact that he's admitting all these things could very well be a part of his recovery. The part of this that's kind of amazing, are the numbers that he put up while under the influence.