Browns 35 Bengals 20

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    Quote the Grinch song. 3 words to describe the Bengals, stink stank stunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CincySportsFan View Post
    Was driving back from family, so had to listen to the first half of the game on the radio. A point was brought up that I thought was interesting. Why in the world...if you have what is considered the league's worst defense...would you choose to defer, if you win the coin toss? You're darn near putting your offense in a deficit by the time they hit the field. At least put some pressure on the other team, having to "answer" (hopefully) your offense...instead of the other way around.

    But, it is the, nevermind. <sigh>
    I think it was Lapham who brought that up late in the first half.

    It it seems to me that each and every team is hard headed about deferring. Maybe because there’s a 50-50 chance that they’ll get consecutive possessions?