Andy Dalton to IR

Page 3 of Andy Dalton was placed on injured reserve for the remainder of teh season and teh Bengals signed Tom Savage as a backup to Driskel. At this point, we m... 31 comments | 1202 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    Like I said earlier in this thread, Dalton has had PLENTY of weapons and good defenses in his time in Cincinnati.
    Exactly. I still think his injury in 2015 probably saved him in the eyes of some people. If the Bengals lose the same games they lost without him even if he played. Which would have been a very good chance that would have happened still. Then people wouldn't fall back to the well in 2015 argument. As nice as it is to think it may have ended differently if he played. There is plenty more data and history that says otherwise. Dalton has had very good talent around him for more years than he hasnt, but their was a cap on how successful they could do with it with him as qb. Imo very good chance it could have ended up different and better with another qb.

    The Bengals arent as talented now. However we have seen what their cap is, even if they were to surround him with that talent again. So knowing that, I dont see the reason to stay with him. Much like how they stayed with Marvin to long, you dont want to do the same with Dalton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenWyngz View Post
    Saw this on Twitter last night, but Andy has "Gamekeeper's Thumb," which is interesting to say the least.

    Gamekeeper's thumb is an insufficiency of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint of the thumb. [1] The injury occurred as the gamekeepers sacrificed game such as rabbits by breaking the animals' necks between the thumb and index finger of the gamekeeper and the ground. As a result, a valgus force was placed onto the abducted metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint, leading to a ruptured ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury and chronic attritional injury that resulted in instability, which was accompanied by pain and weakness of the pinch grasp.
    So his thumb it.