Mason County's Darius Miller Returning to the NBA

Page 3 of Darius Miller will be returning to the NBA. The 2008 Mason County graduate has agreed to a deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, according to basketball ... 30 comments | 1910 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I seem to recall at the time I was mad that Dustin didn't get to start the Orange Bowl, didn't Pike throw like 4 interceptions in that game and lost and Dustin still didn't get into the game?
    I was trying not to go there but you got me! Lol. Coach Kelly has been good to me and I think he is an outstanding coach. But, yes, I stayed up watching the Orange Bowl, hoping Dustin would play, thinking he would play, thinking he SHOULD play, etc. and he did not.

    I have learned that I am as bad as any parent when my guys go to the next level... and it doesn't even matter what sport they are playing. My biases and loyalty cloud my thinking. But, based on Dustin's past performances before the injury and his heroics late in the season to secure the bowl bid, yes, I thought he should have played in the Orange Bowl. But, I am coaching at Mercer County and Coach Kelly is at Notre Dame. And, I don't like anyone telling me how to run my program and I extend the same courtesy to other coaches... especially ones as successful as Coach Kelly.