Is NKYFL Disbanding Their Senior Division?

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    I know this thread is old now but just for clarification we never allowed non Ryle districted kids to play for the Union Raiders in the beginning years. Or anytime I am aware of. The sticking point that UR had 95% Gray Middle kids and 5% Ockerman kids was not the NKMSAA problem with the UR early on since the first season they played against/scheduled UR non conference games. The given reason that the NKMSAA did not allow the UR into the league was that our insurance was not thru the Gray Middle. There were likely other non disclosed reasons they did not want the UR in the league though too
    I remember that, back when the NKMSAA found out that they didnt have any insurance covering them at the time.

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    Ryle has continued to be one of the programs that’s stayed as close to possible as a true feeder for the HS from the lower levels all the way up. They have been building a great program in the NKYFL, MS, & Varsity. Honestly including them, the other Boone teams now , and CCYFL has helped us push the entire NKYFL more towards being school feeders as a whole.