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    Yesterday, 11:11 PM
    By matchup R13 — Middlesboro 43.2 R9 — Cov. Holy Cross 77.4 R6 — Lou. Holy Cross 49.6 R4 — Metcalfe Co. 60.1 R12 — Danville 79.3 R1 — Murray 75.2
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    Yesterday, 11:04 PM
    http://allaclassic.org/State%20Brackets/2019%20Girls%20State%20Brackets.pdf Here's the bracket.
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    Yesterday, 11:04 PM
    According to this week's Cantrall Ratings, however much stock you put in them, here's how the field rates. Girls R3 — Owensboro Catholic 79.5 (overall state #25 this week) R12 — Danville 79.3 R9 — Cov. Holy Cross 77.4 R16 — West Carter 75.6 R8 — Walton-Verona 75.4 R1 — Murray 75.2 R5 — Bethlehem 74.8
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    Yesterday, 10:33 PM
    The All A Classic has always had the schedule format it has as long as I can recall, with the first game of the first session of Day 1-2-3 being 8:30am ET and the last of the second session set for 9pm ET (but it sometimes starts waaaaaay later than that, and never right at 9).
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    Yesterday, 10:29 PM
    I think basketball season has too many games as well. About 24 games max but 22 would be more ideal. Last year's state finalists played 39 games each (10 postseason).
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    Yesterday, 10:23 PM
    Yeah, probably because Jim Nantz has always been better suited to golf announcing. Soooooo booooooring. Romo is a welcome breath of fresh air in Nantz's stodgy booth.
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    Yesterday, 10:16 PM
    I suppose it could. But we have what amounts to "full-time officials" in college basketball. Refs in the college ranks are doing several games per week — some as much as 5-6. And while they are considered "independent contractors" to the conferences they officiate for, that many games a week and all the outside filmwork they are required to do sounds like a full-time job to me. And yet all people ever do is complain about the officials in...
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    Jan 19, 19, 11:01 PM
    There seems to be some flux in Bardstown, which is rare, even at different stations within the same company. Anywhere from $1.93-$2.05. The ones at $2.05 made the jump yesterday.
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    Jan 19, 19, 10:58 PM
    I got a sneak preview of Ky. Owl's "Confiscated" label the other night. Oh my.
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    Jan 19, 19, 10:57 PM
    Sleeting pretty hard in Bourbon Country right now.
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    Jan 19, 19, 01:31 PM
    Man, this pressure change in the air is killing me. My ears have been popping all morning like I'm on an airplane or something. And I'm going to have to go to Kroger at some point today because my cupboard is barren. Not looking forward to that mess.
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    Jan 19, 19, 08:08 AM
    The winner Sunday will face 5th Region champ Bethlehem at 5pm Wednesday. The Banshees are making their first-ever trip to the state All A Classic and are having their best season in school history so far, with a 16-2 mark to start the year. They beat host Green Co. — who has traditionally been the top small-school team in the 5th — 58-46 last night in Greensburg.
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    Jan 16, 19, 12:50 AM
    Good grief. How many teams are in All A qualification in this region?
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    Jan 16, 19, 12:30 AM
    Very interesting score. But I understand as John had a busy week last week with the 2A tourney. Wish I could have gone to their game with LaRue at NC on Saturday, but I was preoccupied.
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    Jan 16, 19, 12:09 AM
    She was a very, very funny and talented gal.
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    Jan 15, 19, 11:47 PM
    I'm going to go ahead and leave this post from the thread in the Controversial Issues forum right here. Notice how few kids from small-town schools are on this team? Does that mean that there's nobody any good outside of the state's larger population centers? Someone said they don't consider Scott Co., Jessamine Co., Mercer Co. and certain other areas as "part of Lexington." But they are close enough to where the voters would have had a...
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    Jan 15, 19, 11:33 PM
    Looks like an old-school one from back in the day that I often used over the past two decades. Mine didn't have a brand name on it, so I'm guessing it costs a lot more than the regular ones.
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    Jan 15, 19, 11:14 PM
    Don't feel too bad. I am totally oblivious as to why Imagine Dragons are popular. They're freakin' awful.
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    Jan 15, 19, 11:12 PM
    There was another situation somewhat similar to this in Lincoln Co. last week.
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    Jan 15, 19, 11:11 PM
    This. And this. But the idea that a K-9 officer — who works exclusively with one particular animal — can go and defuse any situation with an out-of-control dog, is crazy. But how much damage can a daggoned rat dog do?
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    Jan 15, 19, 11:08 PM
    I've also said this lots of times on here over the years, but it bears repeating: The AP polls and All-State and other recognitions they do are severely limited in their scope and breadth. Only media outlets that subscribe to the AP service — i.e., pay for it — are eligible to vote in the weekly polls and the season-ending All-State teams. It's a very expensive service, and most small media outlets can't (or won't) afford it. As a result, AP...
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    Jan 15, 19, 10:48 PM
    Josh has zero control over deadline times just like Frakes has no control over the C-J's deadline times, just like any of the rest of us in that line of work has no control over deadlines. Has nothing to do with each paper's "commitment to sports." Those earlier deadline times come from places far above their — and even their publishers' — pay grade. This is what the corporatization of journalism has brought us. Anymore, layout for these...
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    Jan 4, 19, 03:20 PM
    Two starters sat out v. Spencer Co. They started out the season with their top PG out for several weeks. Then their top returning scorer went out for several games — he was out again Wednesday. Their top big man has been out since before Christmas with an ankle injury. It's a rash that's hitting the local boys' teams. Bardstown has had four different starters spend time sidelined with injuries. Thomas Nelson has had three guys out for various...
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    Jan 2, 19, 10:14 PM
    That locker room misses Harrison. There’s been nobody to fill the void.
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    Jan 2, 19, 09:40 PM
    Tomlin hasn’t had much control of the locker room for some time now (if ever?). And it has allowed the Bell and Brown stuff to fester.
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    Dec 28, 18, 08:37 PM
    I’m told Bardstown was without a 3-year starting forward who is the team leader, in addition to having Traynor get hurt. They’ve battled a ton of injuries all year.
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    Dec 28, 18, 08:32 PM
    People aren’t going to games like they used to because there are a lot more distractions available to people entertainment-wise that weren’t there 25 years ago. Stall ball has a negligible affect on that decline. Same here. True hoops fans appreciate seeing a good strategy executed in a high-pressure championship environment. That’s who goes to the Sweet 16.
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    Dec 23, 18, 12:07 PM
    Sorry, just saw this. I'm actually out of town on vacation. Go to Mammy's Kitchen for breakfast/lunch. There's a store called Toddy's Liquors just a half a block from Mammy's. Should have most everything you need.
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